Read Easily; Ebooks Online Library

“The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.” — Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and Inventor of the World Wide Web

Read Easily Ebooks Online Library is a free e-book online library. It comprises an impressive selection of classics by authors such as Charles Dickens, Edgar Alan Poe, Franz Kafka, Friedrich Nietzsche, HC Andersen, Jack London, Joyce, Austen, Jules Verne, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Rudyard Kipling, Arthur Conan Doyle, Virginia Woolf and many more.

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An advantage about the books being on-line is that the font size, font colour and background colour can be set to aid those with the reading needs of the partially sighted or of old age readers; but of course also to any personal preference. Options are as follows:

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The colour combinations were, according to the site editors, selected from the latest research information. For those readers who prefers listening to the books, the texts can easily be changed into sound, with any text to speech software.

A useful feature within the site is the possibility to bookmark wherever you are in the texts, so that you can read on from whichever computer you happen to be using next. To use this future all you have to do is register.

I see many possibilities in using this site in my work. Some of these are:

1) The possibilities of for my dyslexic students to listen to books while following the text while also having been able to adjust the text to their preferences.

2) The possibilities of all my students, disregarding needs, to listen to any of the texts through the text to speech software. The texts can also if needed be changed into mp3-files to be listened to whenever the students do not have access to a computer. This is obviously useful should a student not have access to a computer after school.

3) The books on the site will provide an excellent recourse for reading aloud. Students together, taking turns, or student on their own, maybe recording their reading on for example Audacity.

4) The bookmark feature will provide an incentive when making plans for reading.

Finally the books on the site will provide my students with an excellent possibility of coming into contact with some of the finest literature ever written, and above all in a very easily accessible manner.

Books are provided through the Project Gutenberg. They are for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with the eBooks or online at


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