Project – Life in Medieval Times

This autumn I shall be repeating a project from last year which incorporates English and History. The basic idea is that each student invents a medieval character and tells a first person story about the life of this character. Things that are to be mentioned are basic things about the persons life such as family situation, food habits, living quarters, work and so forth; but also the persons life story in a broader perspective. Each student makes both a written and an oral presentation. When we did this project last time some fantastic stories orginated and everyone seemed to enjoy it very much. A lot of research obviously went into making the stories up, where the students had to find out facts about life in those days. Of course such information is to be found in abundance on the internet, but I do like to present the students with a selection of links so as to save time. Here are some of the very usefull sites that I found:

FEUDALISM AND LIFE IN GENERAL: – What Was it Really Like to Live in the Middle Ages? – Feudal Life – Feudalism and Medieval life
History on the Net – Medieval Life – Feudalism – Medieval Occupations
Sir Dragontamer – People of the Middle Ages

Gode Cookery Presents: Tales of the Middle Ages – Food and Drink
The Bonnefont Cloister Herb Garden
The Arts in the Kingsom of Acre – Food and Beverage in the Middle Ages
History For Kids – Medieval food – Medieval Food
Medielval Spell – Medieval Food
Medieval Spell – Medieval-Feast – Medieval Recipies

History on the – Medieval Life Housing – What Was it Really Like to Live in the Middle Ages? – Homes – What Was it Really Like to Live in the Middle Ages?- Homes of the Wealthy

CLOTHING: – What Was it Really Like to Live in the Middle Ages? – Clothing
History on the – Medieval Life Clothing – Medieval Clothing
History For Kids – Medieval Clothing

HEALTH AND MEDECIN: – What Was it Really Like to Live in the Middle Ages? – Health – Health and Medicine in Medieval England
Medieval Spell – Medieval Medicine

RELIGION AND LIFE IN THE MONASTERIES: – What Was it Really Like to Live in the Middle Ages? – Religion – Life in a Medieval Monasterry – Map of Medieval Monastery
The Nun’s Realm – The Virtual Abbey: A Medieval Tour
History Learning Site – Medieval Monasteries
History Learning Site – Positions of responsibility in a monastery
History Learning Site – A day in the life of a nun

The Peasants Realm
History Learning Site – Medieval Farming
History Learning Site – The Lifestyle of Medieval Peasants
History Learning Site – The Poor Peasant
History Learning Site – Medieval Farming Calendar

Chivalry Kidzone – Medieval Nobles – Medieval Chivalry
Humanities Interactive – The Art of Chivalry
Castles of – Medieval Knights – Medieval History – Knight Life
Knights and Armour
The Steps of Knighthood
Wikipedia – Knight
Medieval Spell – Medieval Armour
Chivalry Kids Zone – Medieval Nobles
The Knight’s Realm
The Medieval Knight

OUTLAWS: – A Beginner’s Guide
The Robin Hood Legend
Wikipedia – Robin Hood
Robin Hood – Fact or fiction

National Geographic – Ghost in the Castle
Sir Dragontamer – Life in a
Medieval Castle – Castle Terminology
History Learning Site- Castle Features
History Learning Site – Defending a Castle
Life in a Medieval Castle

History for Kids – Medieval Architecture
Medieval architecture in France

LITERATURE, ARTS AND MUSIC: – Works of Art – Medieval Art – The Baueyx Tapestry
History For Kids – Medieval Art
Wikipedia – Medieval Art
A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

Medieval Technology Pages
Wikipedia – Medieval Technology

Medieval Spell – Medieval Entertainment – Medieval Entertainment – Entertainment in the Middle Ages – Medieval Entertainment

Medieval Spell
Medieval Life and Times
All About Medieval Times

The Feudal system explained with magnetised pictures on the white board.

my generations
It doesn’t take many generations and we are back in the Middle Ages. This is my time travel device for going back in time with my students.



  1. Wery interresting pedagogical idea. However, I would like to remind about the fact that, even though this was combined project about medieval history and english language, the medieval times here in the Swedish kingdom were in many ways different from those in Britain.

    The internet is full of information in english, and naturally that information is mostly about english history. The culture of medieval era was supprisingly uniform around Europe in many ways. The nobles of different countries had more in common with each other than the peasants of their own country. Of course the peasants also shared a lot all around Europe in cultural and social ways, even though they often had no idea what is life like in the next willage.

    The swedish nobility and peasants alike did differ both socially and culturally in many ways in comparison to their southern counterparts. The peasants were never landslaves as in most of “continental” Europe and the British Isles. They either owned their own farmsteads or worked as serfs to other peasants. There were of course the “landsbo”, who did sell their land to the noblemen, often just to survive taxes. The nobility was basicly not a closed class as in other countries and in later times, but a rich peasant could join the mounted “chivalry” by buying weapons and armour and presenting it to the kings representatives on yearly bases. When commerse via sea was the priviledge of bourgeois townsfolk in the rest of Europe, in Sweden the peasants could own a ship and sail across the sea to sell their own products.

  2. OK, well I take it back – I decided to be a peasant in my story so that helped narrow it down a lot. I think i have finished with information from this website but I still another one and I have to write the story. Thank you for the links!

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