What is Your Dark Ages Character?

rubrikThis post is written in relation to the previous. At History.com there are lots of fun things to do and learn. One of them is all about interactively creating your own medieval character. Pedagogical winnings would be learning medieval vocabulary while at the same time learning facts about life in the Middle Ages. I feel that this is an exercise that would suit students of all ages.

The procedure of creating your character takes you through steps where you after choosing the gender and social position of your character first is given a name. Then you upload an image of your face to be used after which you add hair, clothes and accessories.
Picture 1
When your character is ready you can so read about his or her situation of life in connection to the picture. I find the texts to be both informative and suitably condensed.

Here are some of the characters I had a great time creating:

Me as a monk
Me as a man peasant
Me as a woman peasant
Me as a nun
Me as a knight
Me as a lady


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