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YouTubeSnips is a free tool for downloading YouTube videos to your computer. I find it very handy when preparing lessons as a way of having videos readily available to be shown in class. No need to worry about lagging or bad internet connections. It is also a convenient way of storing videos to be used for future lessons on the same subject. For those unfortunate enough to work at schools which has banned YouTube it is of course handy to be able to download videos outside school to be used in class.

I have used YouTubeSnips to download videos for my Geography class where I showed videos on different sources of energy as an introduction to a new project. I have also downloaded videos on Medieval Times for use in my History class.

You can choose three different ways of downloading the videos:

  1. Copy and paste the URL of the video in the box provided at the Youtubesnips site
  2. After viewing a video on YouTube, in the URL location box, type snips after youtube, and click enter to download video!
    For Example change: to
  3. Use the bookmark downloader provided and add it to your toolbar. Click it whnenver you watch a video that you want to save and it downloads.

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