Dropbox Storage Application

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Dropbox is a free (up to 3GB; more than that costs) storage application which enables you to store and sync files online and between computers. Very handy if you are working on several different computers. It is also very handy in team work, as it provides a very good way of sharing files, be it documents, photos, films or anything else that can be stored on a computer.

Dropbox will automatically keep files synchronized between multiple computers. When files are modified the changes will sync up instantly and automatically with all other computers on which you are running the Dropbox software. Dropbox keeps each set of changes, which makes it possible for you to access previous versions of files or even restore previously deleted files. Another useful feature is the ability to download folders as compressed zip archives.

Dropbox can also be used to share files with people who do not have Dropbox installed on their computers. Just put the file in your public folder and give the URL to whomever you want to share it with.
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If you need to access your files from someone else’s computer, simply log in to www.getdropbox.com and you are able to view, download or upload files securely.

Dropbox works perfectly across all operating systems and you are therefor able to share folders with friends or colleagues whatever operating system they are using. It is simple in design and easy to manage.
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