Waving Goodbye to 2009

This year I have come across lots of new tools on the internet, many of which I have mastered and started using successfully. One that I have not quite got the hang of though is Google Wave; hopefully the reason for this that I have not yet really tried.

I think I have a rather good grasp of what Google Wave is and can be. It is quite obvious its main benefits are all about efficient collaboration; may it be work related projects, or any other type of projects where creativity is involved.

It has been marketed as the next step up from e-mail and I can clearly see many advantages in using Google Wave instead of e-mail. Some of which would be:

No spam

No lost attachments

No filled inboxes or bounced e-mails

No duplication of conversations or attachments, as replies go back and forward

With Google Wave, attachments stay where you put them; they are not duplicated with each response or forwarding as often happens with e-mail.

With Google Wave new people can be added to the conversation at any time and they will get as good a view of the whole thing as the people that were in it from the beginning. Everyone also gets access to any attachments, as these can not get lost while sending responses and such.

Also you have the benefit of choosing what your conversation should be like. If you want to have an e-mail like conversation, where you take your time to answer, this works fine. Would you rather have an IM type of conversation, then this works too.

Another practical feature is the possibility to make corrections in earlier messages without having to duplicate them and send them again. Incidentally all changes can be played back and reviewed.

To conclude I definitely believe in Google Wave as a better way of communicating than traditional e-mailing. Also I think it will be very exciting to see how it progresses once it starts being used in various places as a replacement for (if I may say so) it’s predecessor.

As it goes we do not e-mail that much in my work team. We usually rely on Google docs for collaboration. Google Wave might change this though and we will probably find ways to integrate docs and wave. Hence I have given invites away to all my work mates, and with this we’ll see what happens.

2010 is supposed to be the year Google Wave is launched to the public and then available to anyone whom would like to use it. I am excited to see which improvements are still to be made before the big launch, and I am also excited to know how I will be viewing the Wave by the time I write my next New Year’s blog post.

To round of here is a review (if a rather US-centric such) of 2009, Google Wave style:

Beginners Guide to Google Wave


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