Making Animated Movies With Xtranormal

Xtranormal is a tool for creating text to speech animated movies. You type the script for the movie and what you type is then spoken by the animated characters. You are able to choose characters, background noice, soundtrack, actions, expressions and camera angles in a way which gives you great creative freedom. I have just created my first movie and I had a great time doing so.

I can see an abundance of uses for this excellent tool, what concerns all curriculum subjects. The students can use it for presenting facts and thoughts; teachers can use it to present assignment instructions or learning situations. It is an excellent tool for language learning and tuition as Xtranormal can be used with English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Here are some ideas on how Xtranormal can be used:

– It can be used to present instructions on tasks and assignments. This is a good way of making it easier for students with receptive difficulties to grasp instructions. The film can be used as a compliment to written instructions.

– As a language teacher you can create small scenes for your students to watch so that they can learn vocabulary and conversational skills. Of course the students can also create their own scenes.

– Students can, as an assignment, create dialogues where different ethical dilemmas are pondered.

– Student can create news reports.

– Students can create interviews where one part is the expert on something the students are currently studying. For example something connected to natural or social sciences.

Below is a film with which I present an English and modern history assignment called “My Musical Artist”. I am very much looking forward to the students reactions on the tool and if it is successful I shall definitely be using it agin. It is a fun to use and easily manageable tool.

And here is a film made by Martin Ekholm, where his grade 4 class gets instructions pending an arts round.



    1. It is free, but there are also the option of paying to get a wider selection of characters, and I suppose other perks. I think the free version is enough to have a lot of use of and fun with XtraNormal. //Marie

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